Banks, like Bank of America and Citi, are the ATMs of the dirty energy industries fueling the climate crisis. Since 2010 Bank of America has invested $128 billion in oil, gas and coal companies-more than eight times what it's committed to clean energy investments. Citi has invested $135 billion in oil, gas and coal companies. 

But the big banks recruit on college campuses because they can’t work without us. That means we have the power to change them.

In fact, we already have. In 2009, grassroots efforts moved the country’s top eight banks to limit funding for companies that practice mountaintop removal coal mining. Now, a growing movement is winning campaigns for fossil fuel divestment.

Let's push Bank of America and Citi further. Students are already calling the banks out on campuses across the country. They need you to call the banks out too. Sign below to send a clear message to Bank of America and Citi: stop financing climate chaos.

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