Our country is war weary..It is time for our service people to come home, & re-enter civilian life,, They need to re-connect with family and friends..After all War is hell.. So many will be forever changed, because of the horrific experiences , that they have had to witness.. Bring our service…Read More

they give/gave their life to go to an unknown country, to protect the ones who
lived under dangerous circumstansces, and fight a group of people who are dangerous for the freedom in that country

IT HAS BEEN SUCH ALONG WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting out of the military and returning to civilian lifecan be a shocking transition that is very difficult to make leaving our veterans without the health care they need is just so very wrong.please understand...

I think it is only right. They have sacrificed their lives, served our country, defended our freedom, and taken time away from their families to do so. Why wouldn't we give them the care they needed or deserved??? We are able to continue our day to day BECAUSE of these men and women and their duty…Read More

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