I think it is terrible to teach children to kill and torture living animals. We live in a world of vanishing nature. Children should be taught to appreciate and care for the little nature that is left rather than use it up and destroy it.

I did not sign any petition. The use of my name is completely unfair.
Do please remove my name from this petition.

This Campaign matters to me so very much because growing up with a terribly cruel father who would encourage me, and most times threaten me bodily harm if I did not participate in torturing small animals such as birds, throwing them out of their nest after just hatching leaving them there to die.…Read More

Children should NOT be subjected to abusive & offensive language, especially like those posted on New Mexico state's license plates on their vehicles.

My 17 Year Old Grandson was started out Bow & Arrow Hunting when he was only 5 Years old by his Mother's Boyfriend , then hunting with a Gun and Trapping. His Mother's Boyfirend had NO COMPASSION for even Pets , Cats or Dogs. To this day my Grandson is very aggressive with Animals , very mean…Read More

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