Sometimes everything seems to be going JUST RIGHT.  Home is HAPPY, Home is NURTURNING, Home is SAFE. 

But sometimes it all goes terribly wrong.

In the past year, Turning Point received 621 Hotline calls and provided in-person services to 95 women and their 71 children.

Battered, abused and raped women and their children have been devastated.  They are in physical and emotional pain, and they are often forced to flee into homelessness in order to escape the violence and abuse.  And sometimes raped women are forced to flee to the safety of a shelter when the non-family violence turns their world upside down.

But you can help Make it Right Again. 

Turning Point provide Emergency Shelter, Court Advocacy, Support Groups, Licensed Counseling, and Economic Empowerment Classes. 

While we cannot stop a batterer from battering, we can help women regain control of their lives and emerge with a new sense of family stability and enhanced self-sufficiency.  We can help Make it Right Again so they move from victim to survivor to thriver.

With your help, our services will be there for the long haul!

Many thanks,

Ellen Reed, MPPA
Executive Director

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