Can you believe this? What kind of training are these police officers receiving?

Please refer back to my comment, regarding the rule of law that should be recognized, for eg. unlawful detention, indecent assault, assault with a weapon, rape as clearly defined in my comment regardless of sex which is the unlawful and intentional penetration of another human being, using any part…Read More

Dana, thanks for signing ..New Mexico is a firkin corrupt police state and the crap needs to stop…

So, what does it take to justify these type of invasive searches? This article brings much needed insight to the awful treatment of the…Read More

Was the Dog-Authorized Exploration of David Eckert's Guts Legal?
How is it possible that a motorist pulled over for a rolling stop could end up being forcibly subjected to two X-rays, two digital probes of his anus, three enemas, and a colonoscopy, none of which discovered the slightest trace of the drugs that police claim to have thought he was hiding inside himself? That is the question raised by a federal…Read More

David Eckert was a victim of rape at the hands of the police! Their "search" was a violation of human rights and human dignity, and to then send Eckert a BILL for "services"?!?! This is appalling!!

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