Malnutrition is not exclusive to Africa. Filipino kids in Philippine rural areas also need food. Share.

Help feed the children in the Philippines. The Philippines' Department of Health estimates the malnutrition rate in children ages 3 to 12 to be at 20%. Already a high rate, but our own data shows much higher actual rates ranging from 33% to 76%.

This higher-than-reported rate is partly due to a current incentive system from DepEd, DOH, and the Office of the President, giving monetary rewards to school districts and municipalities with the lowest malnutrition rate. The money rewards are as high as Php1M.

Municipalities and school districts apparently alter reported data in an effort to win the reward.

Lobbying for change in the Philippines is worse than pulling teeth. Starving children do not have the luxury of time.

Every concerned global citizen needs to act NOW.

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1. Malnutrition is underreported in the Philippines.

2. It only costs $10 to normalize the weight of a severely malnourished Filipino child.

3. The Philippine government must stop giving monetary incentives to areas where malnutrition is low. Those areas alter their data for the reward.

4. A Filipino child's 50-day feeding cost = 2 cups of Starbuck's Mocha Latte.

5. A malnourished child gets sick more often, has less IQ, is less active, has shorter lifespan than his/her normal weight peers.

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