It took 214 years from Palassey in 1757 to reach Bangladesh in 1971. Many generations before us played their roles to give us a common stage to perform on-- a stage called Bangladesh.

1971. In just 266 days three million people sacrificed their lives to create a flag, a country a ten…Read More

Asrar Chowdhury
Asrar Chowdhury Campaign leader


'Our Cause' "A Tribute to Concert for Bangladesh: Thanks for the Music" was created a with the specific objective to:

a. Create awareness about The Concert for Bangladesh
b. Keeping the spirit of 1971 alive and passing it on to the young generation through music
c. Help…Read More

Dear All,

As a New Year dawns, may it bring health and prosperity for everybody, everywhere in this world.

On behalf of "Tribute to Concert for Bangladesh: Thanks for the Music", we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members in the Cause a Happy 2008, and more.

May we all remain…Read More


Thanks for joining "Tribute to Concert for Bangladesh: Thanks for the Music".

As a first announcement, we are proud to let you know that A Special Feature has been published in the Campus of the Daily Star on Sunday 9 December 2007 (pp 20-22). The URLs have been posted on the discussion…Read More