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To make an official recognition of The Concert for Bangladesh a reality

My friend came to me
with sadness in his eyes
told me that he wanted help
before his country dies

Although I couldn't feel the pain
I knew I had to try
now I'm asking all of you
to help us save some lives


Bangladesh, we gotta release Bangladesh

-- George Harrison, 1971

Sunday. The first day of August. 1971. Madison Square Garden. New York. The 'baby' Beatle, George Harrison, responds to the call of a friend. Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan. Both from Bangladesh. A country both left behind.

George rounds up his friends. The 12 universal notes of the octave (saptak) come from all directions. Sa Re Ga; Do Re Mi; A B C; they all congregate at Madison Square Garden, New York. The 12 universal notes congregate to let the world know one thing.

The genocide and massacre in Bangladesh has to stop. Bangladesh has to be 'released'. The 12 universal notes of the octave (saptak) created awareness to the outside world about the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Such was the power of music. Such was the power of the 12 universal notes of the octave (saptak).


Three and a half and more decades later, and still counting...

George has made his trip to the heavens. The others will start joining him sooner or later. Now comes the 'saddest' part of the story.

Bangladesh never 'officially' thanked the organisers of The Concert for Bangladesh. But then. It's never too late. This cause is to raise awareness for an 'official' recognition to the organisers of The Concert for Bangladesh.

"A Tribute to Concert for Bangladesh: Thanks for the Music" is not an independent idea or thought. Many before us have had inklings towards it. A day will ariive when an official recognition does take place. Whether we are involved in it or not. Whoever makes an official recognition to George and Friends a reality, we support and applaud them.


Ladies and Gentleman. Now it's our turn to 'release'. Ladies and Gentleman. Now it's our turn to sing on behalf of George Harrison and Friends:

Thanks for the music
We gotta 'release' The Concert for Bangladesh



This is an open cause. You are free to contribute in any relevant way. But. Obscene or irrelevant content may be removed.

Lyrics of "Concert for Bangladesh" taken from www.concertforbangladesh.com

"Concert for Bangladesh-- Thanks for the music" is not related to or affiliated with any cause or group in facebook or elsewhere.

Cause Started:
Monday 19th November 2007

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1. Create awareness about The Concert for Bangladesh

2. Keeping the spirit of 1971 alive and passing it on to the young generation through music

3. Help in making an official recognition of the Concert for Bangladesh a reality

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