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Kristian Hampton

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Pitbull Fighting

Fighting dogs is so horribly wrong and cruel to those poor dogs that are used in dog fighting. Dog fighting should be banned world wide. Pit bulls are such sweet loving dogs and when their forced to fight each other sometimes to the death for entertainment or gambling its so cruel and wrong. These poor dogs need to be living with a loving family or a responsible owner..not being exploited and forced to fight. Please help stop this awful cruelty

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Cynthia Viar

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Pitbull Fighting

All dogs no matter their breed, deserve to be loved and cared for the rest of their lives by their families. They do not deserve to be treated as a means to make money or entertainment for the heartless people that conduct these dog fights. Please sign this petition and raise your voices to help put these dogs into homes, not in dog fighting rings. Ptbull's are wonderful loyal devoted, loving dog's. And make excellent family pets. Everyone always hears the bad things pitbull's do. All dogs can be aggressive, if not trained to be social. If you put any dog on a chain 24/7, don't let them be around other animals , children or people in general, they will become aggressive to attack someone one day. When are we going to realize that it's not the dog's fault but, the owner's irresponsbilty to train and raise their dog's as family. I am guardian of three pitbull's and I have taken the time to train them and be part of my family and community.

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