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Save The Indian River Lagoon

I went to Florida last year to chase the presidential debates. We flew into Miami, which I wasn't much a fan of, but then rented a car and drove down across the Keys. That was as close to magic as I've seen, nature having overwhelmed the surrounding landscape, people only just popping over the thrush. I haven't been to the Indian River Lagoon, but Ethan [the campaign organizer] tells a good story that should be listened to. All I ask is that you take the time to read through his case, and if it's something that appeals to you, get involved and help.

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Toni Rummo

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Save The Indian River Lagoon

LET’S ALL Do Something! When you sit and look at any local causeway or Hutchinson Island at night, it is breathtaking the reflections of the lights on the water, hearing the sounds of fish jumping and birds diving but In the day time we have a different story that makes my heart bleed. Imagine being lucky enough to grow up in Martin County and having the opportunity to be able to water sky, fish, swim, paddle board, surf, etc… To be able to sit on the river and watch children play and watch people throw a stick in the water for their dogs to go fetch. After all that’s what Martin County is all about, the quality of life, good clean fun and family activities, to help maintain that quality of life we have become accustomed to . A wonderful area for tourism due to the wonderful beaches, parks on the water, restaurants on the water and the ability to be able to approach it all by water. Many families rely on clean water in Martin County, due to owning any business that sells or rents anything from sailboats and paddle boards to fishing tackle, bait and surf boards or a restaurant on the water. An area where it would not be Sunday if there were not a thousand boats hanging out on the Sandbar, swimming, grilling and just hanging out with friends and family. It is like taking a mini vacation in your own back yard. Let’s not forget Labor Day the last weekend before the chaotic holidays begin fun in the sun and water everywhere. The draining of Lake Okeechobee will mean total devastation for the entire Treasure Coast. Local business owners will cease to exist therefore their homes will go into foreclosure, causing a trickledown effect. Creating many abandoned establishments. Tourism will cease to exist. Why would you go somewhere in Florida that you could not rent or buy any gear necessary for water sports and not be able to swim or even enter the water ways. What will become of this beautiful community full of great people? Please we all need to do what we can to help, for the future of our children and of our community? Toni Rummo

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