Carola Ankar Sweden, leaning on Ecuadors warning to UK, the support of most Latin American nations alongside of this document from OAS This states, do not touch the embassy of Ecuador! For swedish people we can easily buy meat, produce and products, fly airlines and so on from other nations then the ones we pledge to boycott. I also urge all to declare loud and proud why we are boycotting these countries and their products, their tourism, their companies, all things made in these countries or owned by them etc. All governments freely elected are there in the best interest of the people, not to damage the people and the very basic rights for survival by abusing the power given to them by the people. Human rights must never be compromised!

Boycott Sweden and UK by all means possible until Mr Assange is on safe grounds based on the asylum granted him. I with this pledge demand human rights to be fully respected. Should this not give that safety I pledge to expand my boycott to include the USA and Australia until they understand the meaning of human rights.

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