Morrisons supermarket have suspended a member of staff for wearing a poppy to work. We advise all soldiers, veterans and anyone with respect for the brave souls that fought and died for our country to totally boycott Morrisons supermarkets and their petrol stations - until Lee Whyte and Jackie Skittlethorpe make a public apology and answer to the forces and veterans community as a whole, as to why their British Services supporting staff cannot wear a poppy to work.

This is nothing short of offensive to ever serviceman/woman and veteran that has forever provided them with the freedom to run a business in our country.

We shall remember them!

Lee Whyte and Jackie Skittlethorpe - the people who sign this cause and the whole Veteran community are waiting to hear your explanation and apology!

We suggest this member of staff is pardoned, has this disciplinary removed from his employment record and gets a payrise for his respect (above yours) for our the brave people who sacrificed their lives in providing you the freedom to offend so many people.

Until the above is addressed, this cause will gain momentum and your supermarkets and petrol stations will lose profits to your competitors instead.

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