Open Board Meeting September 4th

  • Update #6

The next open board meeting to discuss the Towers will be held on Wednesday, September4, 2013 at 7pm at Killarney Realty on US-12 in the Irish Hills. Please come if you have any questions, concerns, fundraising ideas or want to volunteer. We need all the help…Read More

After 4 Days

  • Update #5

This is the status after 4 days of work. I think they will be done tomorrow. Thank you to those people who have donated so far. Keep spreading the word.

Phase One has Begun

  • Update #4

In order to secure the Towers from further damage due to the weather and keep birds and other animal friends out, it was necessary to remove the severely damaged tops. Temporary caps will be put on while work to the lower structures is completed. Videos to…Read More

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