The growing issue of overpopulation deserves the most attention and
assistance from us. It is vital that we stop overpopultaion becuase if we don't, eventually there will not be enough resources to sustain life on our planet.

 Overpopulation is defined as a condition where an organism’s numbers exceed the current carrying capacity of its habitat. Our population is growing at a rate which our environment cannot keep up with, and therefore is a huge problem that affects everyone. Today the population of earth has almost reached 7 billion. Around 260 babies are born each minute all over the world, perhaps that gives you a better idea of how fast our population is really growing.

The first question to ask when addressing the issue of overpopulation is, why? What is causing people to have so many children? There are four main causes: lack of education for women, lack of contraceptive/preventative devices, gender inequality, and a general lack of education concerning family planning. Education for family planning and availability of contraceptives play an important role in decreasing birthrates and solving the problem of overpopulation. Family planning will help families space out their pregnancies and decide how many children to have and when to stop procreating, and the availablity of contraceptives will stop the spread of HIV as well as reduce the need for unsafe abortions.

While it is impossible to stop the growth of population all together, it is vital that we deacrease and regulate it. By maintaining healthy population growth we can protect our earth's precious resources and live higher quality lives. You can help stop overpopulation by donating.

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