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Stage 4 Breast Cancer Research Needs More Funding For Research To Find A Cure

Hi Everyone - I promise I will take a break from my cancer stuff after this. This petition is so important. As important as early detection is, women like me (and also men) with Metastatic Breast Cancer, otherwise known as Stage 4 or Late Stage Cancer, are sadly forgotten in the world of Pink Ribbons. We are the scary ones because we are the ones who die. We are the ones no one wants to talk about because our lives are lived in a strange and eery world of treatment and scans. We live in a world of debilitating side effects, trying one treatment to have it fail and go on to the next, to have it fail and then on to the next treatment. Imagine every three months going in for a scan to find out if your cancer is stable or it has moved on to another organ. Thirty percent of women with breast cancer will end up with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Don't think it isn't because we didn't have mammogram when we should have. My cancer was only Stage 2 in the beginning, there are women who are 18 years old with Stage 4 Cancer and some women's cancer never, ever show on a mammogram. Thirty percent of us have the cancer that will kill us... you would think we would get a good amount of the funding, right? You would think at least 30%, that's sounds fair... no, that's not right, Twenty percent? No... Ten percent? No, but you're getting closer... Let's try THREE PERCENT! I am not asking you to give money, I am just asking you to ask those who fund research to give more to Metastatic Research.

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