Every year October becomes Pink! Pink for the cause, Pink for the cure! Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer has no cure! This message is a fallacy! Over 40,000 women and men will die each year as the breast cancer in one's early stage morphed to stage 4 and spread to distant parts of the body. The message is clear-The Metastatic breast cancer community receive's less than 3% funding for stage 4 breast cancer research. 30% of breast cancer "survivors" will reach stage 4 within 2 years after treatment-these people are your mothers, your sisters, your wife, your daughters, your son's and brothers. Please safeguard their future and sign this petition to ask FordCares.Com to allow consumer's to have a choice as to whom they would like their purchase proceeds to go to and to include the choice for a stage IV metastatic breast cancer non profit organization to be added to the list of choice because all of our lives are depending on it.

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