Hope Lives Children's Village is a school and orphanage that is being built in the village of Aloi, Uganda.  Aloi was a village that was devastated when the LRA swept through Uganda.  Children were orphaned and families were destroyed by Joseph Kony and his rebels.  Today we are working to build into the future of the children that have been left behind.  Many kids have been left orphans and many others are equally devastated by the abject poverty in this area.  We are working to educate these children, give them a safe place to live and provide clean water and food for them.  As of April 2013 we have built two classroom buildings, an administrative building and other support buildings and hope to begin work on a kitchen and dorms for the orphans that are attending.  Regular visits are made by teams from America to help with the building as well as keep track of the progress being made.  Right now over 500 kids are attending school at Hope Lives.  We would love for you to partner with us to bring hope to these kids!

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