Nightly, men, young women, Moms with children, even Grandmothers and Grandfathers come to our doors searching for a warm bed, a meal, and a shower. We desperately need your help in order to provide these basic comforts. 

My name is Suzy Fitzgerald, and along with being the board chair at The Meeting Place Mission, I am the person usually responsible for our postings on this page. I have served on the board for three years; those 156 weeks have been life-changing.

I understand that homelessness can happen to anyone, and the reasons are unique to each person.
I know Moms that have been homeless because the father of their children left in the middle of the night - abandoning all.
I know single young men who were no longer welcome at home after high school graduation.
I know folks unable to find work because of a criminal past.
I know people unable to find shelter because of addictions.
I met children more used to sleeping in a car than a bed.

Each of these humans are my equal. Each is worthy of basic food and shelter. Each deserves a shower, a doll, a bedtime story, a blanket.

The Meeting Place Mission has given me an opportunity to realize that I am able to make a LASTING difference. This year I am donating $50 monthly - that is about $1.70 a day - not even the price of a fast food lunch.

I challenge you to join with me in making the decision to give so that we can bring an end to the tragedy of homelessness.

I believe in making our community a better place. When we join together, that difference is long lasting.

If you have questions please get in touch.


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