Reboot Illinois aims to encourage citizens to retake ownership of our governments. Through non-partisan digital and social media, Reboot Illinois intends to engage citizens giving them the information and tools they need to act on improving the jobs climate, schools, taxes, and state debt.

Reboot our state finances: We are paying more and getting less. Illinois raised taxes by 67% in 2011, making it one of the most taxed states in America. Yet, we have nothing to show for it. Pension costs are crowding out essential services for the state, especially for the neediest. And hardworking taxpayers simply can’t afford to pay more.

Reboot our business climate & job market: We have gone from one of the best to one of the worst states in which to do business. (Fact: We now rank 48th in the nation.) Illinois jobs, businesses, and residents are fleeing the state. (Fact: Illinois has had a higher unemployment rate than neighboring states.)

Over the past 15 years, 800,000 residents left Illinois, taking $26 billion in taxable income with them. That amounts to one taxpayer leaving every 10 minutes of every day. We need to restore a jobs climate that keeps our families and communities vibrant.

Reboot our schools: In the past decade, spending per student has increased by 45%, yet student achievement has stagnated, and our students aren’t getting the quality learning they deserve. Our children have the right to receive an excellent education regardless of their zip code or how much their parents make.

Reboot government accountability & transparency: Illinois has a long history of corruption, waste, and graft. Hardworking taxpayers have paid the tab for these abuses. Why do we accept it? We deserve an accountable, responsible, efficient and effective government run by the people, for the people. All of us!

"How does this affect me? What can I do about it?" You are not alone. There are millions just like us asking the same questions. Millions of us can act. Millions of us can command change. Reboot Illinois will help us learn the issues in Illinois and take charge by activating others. Join us. Together, we can Reboot Illinois.

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