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Greetings to you in Jesus Name;

Little Angels Orphanage is a non-governmental organization (NGO) here in Nigeria.
In the facility we have 147 children. The facility has eight dormitory rooms to house the 147 children.  There are 40 staff to care for them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Most of the children enter the Orphanage because their parents either live on the street or are deceased.  The children mostly come from Nigeria, with a few being from Liberia. They come from all types of backgrounds and religions but we all live together as one family.  If it weren’t for our facility, these children would have nothing....no education, no roof over their heads, no food in their bellies.  They would be forced to sell things in the market to bring in extra money for food and rent.  Many of these children in our facility have been sexually abused, starved, some even left for dead.  Some of the children have physical disabilities and have been deemed "unlovable" by their own parents.  Currently we are in need of funds for foundation due to the fact that the only facility we have right now is definitely in a very bad condition. We need medication, food, clothing and recreational activities for rehabilitative purposes to boost the orphans mental abilities. However, the worse thing that we are going through now is, the fact that we are being kicked out of the facility by the Government because the roof of the building is leaking and they want us to show proof of adequate funds, which is $10,000 Dollar USD to build a newer one. On behalf of our Coordinator Evang Okoro Maxwell, staffs and the orphans here in Little Angels Orphanage Home, we ask that you kindly come to our aid, because your help can make a significant contribution to the life of the children and the operation of the Orphanage. Please pray for Little Angels Orphanage Home, we'll be so happy and grateful for your assistant and donations towards helping our home and we plead that you please make it up to 100 so as to enable us pick it up from the bank.  We pray that God almighty will bless you with whatever heart desired you wish from him. Thank you so much.  Right now our website is unavailable due to the insufficient funds to pay for subscription and we are sorry that you can't make the
donations through our website.You can make a wire transfer to us via money gram ,

Name: Ogbe Oghenekaro Ferdinard
Country: Nigeria
State; Anambra

Send me the following details after you have made the wire transfer; the reference number and the amount,we pray the lord bless you as you donate generously.The entire staff and children in the Little angels orphanage appreciate your kind gestures and shall put you and your families in prayers.You are our Hero.God Bless you

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