In high school I was inspired by a teacher who started a drama club.  I spent those four years on the stage even though I was incredibly, painfully shy.  On the stage I could become someone else and I could sing my heart out.  Because of this teacher and my love of the arts, I went on to college to study music education, which ultimately led me back to Calaveras County where I have been teaching for nine years.

I believe the performing arts are incredibly important, and I've experienced firsthand the positive impact the arts can have on well over 1000 students in Calaveras County.  Even in the face of recessionary times and dwindling resources, the stage continues to be a place where students can thrive.  

In January of this year the Calaveras Unified School District Board of Trustees voted against continuing with plans to build a performing arts center at Calaveras High School.   The state-approved center would depend on roughly $4 million in funds remaining from Measure A, a $13.5 million general obligation bond approved by voters in the district in 2006.

Tell the CUSD Board of Trustees you support a new preforming arts center at Calaveras High School and share how music and the arts has made a difference in your life.


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