Petition My name is Wesley Pringle of 10839 Gloades Corner Rd Prattsburgh, NY 14873 (607) 522-6006 Cell (585)353-6502 Recently due to an honest mistake on my part My disabled Australian wife of almost 10 years who depends on me to assist her in her day to day life was refused Re entry into the USA Because we accidently overstayed her Visa by one day. I had mistakenly thought that the process to gain permanent residency would be the same as it was for me when I gained it in Australia. I have been Permanently disabled in a work accident since 1997. When I met my wife online she was my last hope to find love. At the time I was certain I would spend my life alone. But the friendship we had bloomed into love. When I had accidently broken both of my legs this angel had Bought a plane ticket November 2002 and flew to the USA to help take care of me. At the end of her three months she flew back to Australia. And within Ten days I was in Australia because we both knew our lives were destined to merge forever. When I went to Australia I had a 90 day electronic Visa we had married and had our Honeymoon in Bali and When we returned it had reset my Visa we had purchased a property in Buchan South,Victoria before we left in Carols name and when we returned from Our honeymoon we immediately applied for a spousal Visa for permanent residency which was granted. My wife looked after me during the time when it was the most difficult in my life Between the pain of my work injuries and my legs I was taking quite few pain killers. Because I am always in pain. But being with her and having her love had allowed me weed my self back from the daily consumption of my prescribed medications. To where I only took them when my pain is extreme. My doctor was amazed she told me she had never seen anybody ask to have their medication reduced before. I told her that when you have an angel for a wife just not being alone makes pain more endurable. My wife also took care of me when I had a hernia she again Nursed me through it. She also comforted during the times My Grandmother (on my mother side) and Father died while I was in Australia We had found out that Carol had a treatable but incurable blood cancer(Polycythemia Ruba Vera) in 2006.One day shortly afterwards I came into the bedroom and found my angel Carol on the floor. She had a stroke and had lost the the use of her right side both her leg and arm along with her speech. When she had an MRI they found a non cancerous Mass that they removed surgically. But she still suffers from the results of this severe Brain injury. It was now my time to show that my Vows were not merely words but a reflection of my true feelings for this awesome woman. Together we have been able to get her speech back to a point to where when she's not stressed or tired she can form words and relay simple concepts quite often she mixes her speech and slurs her words when fatigued. She also suffers from short term memory loss and forgets things that she has been told. My wife depends me to help with activities of her daily life. We are each others whole world we depend on our mutual love and trust that we will always be there for each other. On the 15th of September we sold our home of 9 1/2 years in Buchan South,Victoria, Australia Because it was to much for two people that were disabled to handle between Dealing with poison snakes and spiders and scorpions. Increasingly hot weather and the yearly threat of bush fires. (That are currently threatening the area we used to live at) That combined with an extremely high cost of living in Australia. At the time we thought we would most likely find a home in the USA being that prices had dropped. And knowing That our Disability payments(from our perspective countries have continued payments agreements)I have been receiving my Social security Disability while in Australia and we had confirmation from Centre Link that Carol would receive her payment indefinitely being it was determined that she has a permanent severe handicap. We would easily supplement our expenses once we had purchased our property outright without a mortgage. And we would also be stimulating the USA's economy in the process. But not knowing for sure if we would find a place in the USA or if maybe we would have to settle for a smaller place back in Australia. After going through all of the visa requirements and seeing that all required a place of residence except for the Esta Visa (which I had mistakenly thought that being multiple entry was the same as the one I had when I went to Australia) that allowed me to re-enter Australia after our first honeymoon. Being we where not even sure we would find a place in the USA I thought it would of been the best opinion.Be being an address was required that we did not have at the time for all the other Visas I thought it was our only option. When we arrived in New York we had searched everywhere we could being disappointed with every listing we saw was not exactly what it appeared to be on the listings. and being that our disabilities had hampered our search along with the flu that took out 2 weeks of our time. When at last we did find a place in Prattsburgh we still had to wait until November 15th for the closing. We paid for the property with a cashiers check and own it outright.We just want the American dream and we thought we were just about there. We had planned to have our second Honeymoon in Niagara Falls, Canada because we thought it would legally reset Carol Multiple Entry Visa we then honestly intended to go through the Visa process I had already downloaded all of the Immigration Visa into my laptop and had filled in the I-130 and the Biographical that were required I did need to get the divorce decrees from my two past marriages but I thought I could easily get that done. I would never of had her overstay her visa if I was aware that it expired on the 24th of December 2012. (I forgot that two of the months had 31 days. And my mother asked us to Christmas dinner for the first time in 10 years (because we were in Australia before) and if I realized that it was only for 90 days total and not able to be reset I would of sought further advice. We would much rather spend out money in The USA than in Canada. My family has embraced her and welcome her. Her parents live in a retirement village that doesn't allow for others to stay for extended times. She told me with tears in her eyes that other than her mother she has nothing in Australia and every one that loves her is here. Not to mention her home and her husband.

 I have finally after 35 Days obtained a temporary Parole into the USA for my wife and we have made arrangements for her blood to be taken at the Red Cross because do to the stress of being separated from each other her levels are at a dangerously high level. Although I have filed an application for a spousal Visa. The Parole my wife was granted is only temporary they still want to send her back to Australia where she will be homeless. And being that I will need to go back with her to take care of her we will undoubtedly lose our home in the USA.( Our slap in the face for stimulating the USA's economy) The United States Constitution says every one has the inalienable right to life liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. I feel these rights are being denied to us. I also hear everybody speaking of the sanctity of marriage I have been married to this amazing woman for almost 10 Years she is my whole life and I want nothing more than to be able to care for her. At our home in Prattsburgh,NY. I have posted this in hopes that it will move the hearts and minds of those in power to allow my wife and I to stay in the USA while we complete the process of her legal immigration


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