Bear is a 7 year old golden retriever, He is a family pet a wonderful pet to 5 children and their parents his surgery for a blockage in his stomach was successful but we cannot come up with the $2200 so he can come home,we need help from anyone who has a heart. Bear was brought to the vet to see what was wrong with him. We told them all we thought that he had a blockage and that was why he was acting like this. they told us it would cost us 415.00-465.00 if they needed to send ex-rays to a specialist. they did a ex-ray and called and said he had a blockage they needed to perform a test on bear. As they say this i ask what do i owe to do this? They quote me 787.00 but tell me they will take away the ex-ray charge. Then they call me two hours before they close and tell me the test didn't work and they need to do surgery. They say it is gonna cost me 2,200.00 to save my dog. I tried to get help from anyone that would maybe be able to help. I then call them back and told them i had no help could i make payment plans they said only if i had credit which i don't have. So i tell them i have no one to help me they tell me there sorry. Then tell me i have 30 minutes to make a decision to have the money or have bear die. I made a hard decision and told them to put him down. I told my five children bear was gone and we will go get him tomorrow and bring him home and tell him goodbye. 40 minutes later after all the sadness and tears they call saying that someone fell in love with him and wants to save him i was so happy, then they say only if you give up your rights to bear. i said i didn't understand and why did i have to give up my rights. They said we can do surgery on him after you give up your rights. I said ok they said i had to come in and sign a release form to hand him over to make it legal. I decided the next day to take him to another vet and get a second opinion. i WAS NOT GONNA GIVE UP ON MY DOG HES OUR FAMILY. I went there to pay what i owed and take my dog else where and they told me i cant have him because he had surgery??? and i owe them for it all if i want him.. We need help PLEASE.... from the Bruner family 


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