I never was political still I started  investigating  the People in Government in my home State of Georgia which is almost all Republican. Here are the facts and use your  search engine on the internet to verify it. Every Republican President starting with Ronald Regan has either doubled or tripled the National Debt. They always want to build up our military by spending hard earned middle class tax payers dollars. Well My opinion is and I came to this conclusion through researching and reading from several different sources. a lot of Republicans have special interest in the Arms manufacturing company's either through stocks or percentage's of ownership. My theory is that is why they promised to protect our European allies. Did you know the average working European gets paid vacation time from work up to 46 days a year where Americans average 12 or less, mostly less. European working women get to take off with pay for child birth up to 6 months. They are slowing down our elected Presidents progress. President Obama is trying to help the majority of this Nation but Congress which is Republican controlled is slowing his progress and only hurting the hard working citizens of this Nation.


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