Los países que poseen armas nucleares... ''hacen buenos'' a todo tipo de delincuentes (si tú sí, entonces, yo también.

You have to pay attention to Syria chemical weapons, they are a threat to the extinction of the human race, we must help eradicate weapons Barack Obama nucléales of Syria, and we have many predators to support one more

These are the only weapon that can destroy the world and make it so we will never be able to live on with out some kind of help for thousands of years

I've been supporting CND for 40+ years. I'm a pacifist and support the Peace Tax Campaign for the right to have the military portion of one's taxes go instead to a peace-building fund. I've recently read a biography of Robert Oppenheimer who, with Neils Bohr, wanted transparency and global…Read More

I marched back in the 60´s, and helped keep it out of Denmark.
Now i hope You all will SIGN and SHARE

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