Vanunu fortalte sannheten om Israels atomvåpenprogram til verden og ble kidnappet i Roma, Italia, 30. september 1986. MVJC førtes til Ashkelon fengselet i Israel, der han ble holdt til 21. april 2004, mer enn 11 år helt isolert. Når skal han få forlate Israel? 20?? 

Frihet til Vanunu 2013!

Vanunu told the truth of Israeli Atomic Weapon Program to the world 30. september 1986 MVJC was kidnapped from Rome, Italy, to Ashkelon prison in Israel, where he was held until  21. April 2004, more than 11 years he was kept in solitary confinement. When can he leave  Israel? 20??. 

Freedom to Vanunu 2013!

21th August 2012 

This is Vanunu ,

All the restrictions now have been renewed, no changes.
The 9 Th' year with all the restrictions continue.

The High Court of 'Justice' denied My petition to renounce israel citizenship due to the fact it wasn't submitted to the appropriate channels. it take over a year before The 'Justice' system informed Me and my lawyers of the "appropriate channels"?. 

Now 8 years since my release AFTER 18 YEARS in israel PRISON. The isreal stupid spies will not get any thing from here.

I am now visiting with foreigners. I am ready to meet anyone who is coming here.

The only thing I can say is, that 25 years to wait for my freedom is a long, long time for all the world, states, communities, to do for my freedom.

last updated 21 August 2012

-Waiting In Jerusalem.To Be Free,To Leave. 
Mobile ( 972 ) 0 52 374 4569. [email protected]


So 2012 from Japan to all the world 

End Nuclear Energy

and all the Atomic Bombs. 

Freedom to every one 

freedom Now, !!!!!!. 

-Vanunu Mordechai J C.

East Jerusalem. waiting for freedom now.

Mordec hai Vanunu John Crossman venter i Øst-Jerusalem, Israel, på å  reise som en fri mann. 

Mordechai Vanunu is waiting in East Jerusalem, Israel, to leave as a free man. Sign for Vanunus freedom! 


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