As Christians we should forsake SNL and the network that allows them to commit this blasphemy, and it is blasphemy, against our Lord Jesus, the Son of Almighty GOD.  If you value your faith and you fear and respect GOD, I urge all Christians to boycott NBC and all that they own. Do not be angry at them for they are drinking from the cup of GOD's wrath, and GOD will repay.   Also as Jesus taught us, we must pray for our enemies, so please pray for NBC's owners and corporate leadership.  BOYCOTT NBC AND IT'S HOLDINGS FOR THE PERIOD BEFORE EASTER AND 40 DAYS AFTER EASTER UNTIL 10 APRIL.  LET THEM KNOW THAT AS CHRISTIANS WE WILL STAND AGAINST THEIR BLASPHEMY OF OUR GOD AND HIS SON, OUR SAVIOR.  Please join this cause and please share with all your Christian family & friends.  It's time we took a stand on the narrow path!  WE WILL BE HEARD!

Here's a link to the article regarding the video of the SNL skit---be warned, it is very offensive!

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