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Let Kpop Idols Come Out As Lgbt

I am aware that there are no lack of causes in todays world. However equal rights for everyone without a strings attached p.s. is and should be something that concerns all true GOD & Spiritual human beings in this world. There are way more important issues to be dealt with than picking a fight that only serves to pass judgement, hatred, prejudice & stands for everything that Gods message to the world is against... Am I a biblical scholar? no I am not. Am I a spiritual scholar? No, I am not. I am but one single tiny human being that is no more significant or no less significant than any other life form in this world! What is my role as a Believer with Faith? My job in this world is to always move forward & continuosly improve my self, expand my mind, accept others as well as myself. Try not to be so judgemental. Remember to be kind, to smile at strangers to ask someone how they are & if they are okay? To listen to others if i want them to listen to me. To remind myself when i faulter and I will. To never give up, always speak up, stay true to myself, put love 1st, surround myself with positivity & press play & repeat everyday...GOD is in everyone not some, GOD loves everyone of us not some & GOD knows your heart & can see your hate... I ask that you choose unity not division, love not hatred, kindness not cruelty.. You never know what friend, loved one, mentor, idol or coworker that you break bread with often may be gay so choose FREEDOM for everyone...Thank you 4 taking the time 2 read...

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