Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, athletes and coaches, doctors, journalists, fans, moms and dads, in July 2013 you will come to visit the unknown Russian city Kazan for a global holiday of Sports Universiade. I have no idea, what this special event going to bring you. So I would like to warn you and tell you what was happened here before.

July 2013, according Universiade’s schedule swimmers will have 10 km competition on open water of Middle Kaban Lake. In 1989, local writer Rafael Mustafin published the book "Lake Kaban", where he described how the capacity of the Middle Kaban Lake was filled with silt on 30%. Silt poisoned with hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and helminthes eggs.

June 6, 2010 in the downtown of Kazan city drunken Judge Mr. Soldatov hit Marat Gainutdinov out on his car. Mr. Gainutdinov died before ambulance car showed up. This case was dismissed in the court. In August 22nd, 2011 same judge had same accident… "Magnitsky Act" and a total persecution of me - independent journalist, say to you how dangerous is here. I’m living right next to the Universiade Stadium.

July 10th, 2011, 1:30 pm, small tourist town Bolgar in Kazan’s suburban. Cruise ship "Bulgaria" sank in Volga River. The vessel was overloaded; instead 140 passenger seats, it was registered 147 passengers, 36 crewmembers and plus 18 unregistered passengers. That cruise ship had only two lifeboats for 36 people and two rafts for 120 people. All passengers on the boat were not insured at all. Government of Soviet Union used "Bulgaria" ship with 17 others same type of boats to help evacuate people after the Chernobyl disaster. Increased radiation background revealed on "twin brother" of Bulgar ship - "composer Glazunov," which also used in Chernobyl. That ship had more than 12 times of permissible radiation.

Before the rescue squad showed up, two other boats "Arbat" and "Dunayskiy-66" passed through ship in distress. In this boat wreck 28 children, 72 women and 22 men died. In July 2013 same tourist trips on cruise ships on the Volga River in Kazan will be continue!

More than 23.000 security service officers will take care about safety of the Games.

One of result of their work is: in January 2012 in Kazan, 25th Khimikov st., were killed Islamic terrorists who were preparing attacks in the city.

February 1, 2012 during interrogation in the police department "Yudino" 46-year-old man Pavel Drozdov, who was deputy director of the Kazan Railway College, died.

March 9, 2012 during interrogation at the one of police department (‘Dalniy’) in Kazan, some police officers put the bottle of champagne in the rectum of the 52-year-old Sergei Nazarov, who died in agony after that.

July 19, 2012 in Kazan was a terrorist attack, in which criminals killed deputy mufti of Tatarstan Valiullah Yakupov and injured mufti of Tatarstan Ildus Fayzova. In April 2008 Yakupov has been removed from the post of deputy mufti. The dean of Kazan Russian Islamic University mr. Mukhametshin says "then it is his against radical Islamists rhetoric has caused disgrace."

Mufti of Perm city Mr. Khuzin said Ildus Khazrat with Valiullah Khazrat "tried to control the last stronghold of Wahhabism in Tatarstan - Kul Sharif Mosque. Wahhabits have threatened to organize a riot ...

"The head of the center of the Volga regional and ethno-religious Studies of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies Rais Suleymanov explained, "Yunusov came from Saudi Arabia in the late 90's. Went to Nizhnekamsk city, made friends with the local mayor Ilsur Metshin became Imam. When Mayor Metshin was promoted and became a Mayor of Tatarstan capital – Kazan, he recommended to his uncle Mintemir Shaimiev (former president of Tatarstan Republic from 1991 to 2010) for the new Imam of the mosque Kul-Sharif his friend, (which President Shaimiev had just built). Yunusov became Imam of one of the biggest Mosque in Europe. Incomes from this mosque are huge, they are tax-free - of course he (Yunusov) did not want to give it up. It is look very suspicious how quickly he went to London; probably some of his powerful friends helped him out.

 "October 24, 2012 in the same house on 25th Khimikov Street 300 police officers and FSB (Russian Federal Protective Agency) officers surrounded and killed two terrorists involved in the terrorist attack of July 19, 2012. Killed terrorists were members of the underground organization "Mujahideen of Tatarstan."

In 2012, the Internet was distributed of terrorist’s video; it describes us that the base of Islamic guerrillas is in a forest near Kazan.

November 4, 2012 in downtown of Kazan 74 people were illegally detained, including 20 underage people. It was a special occasion in the city. People celebrate government holiday - Day of National Unity. Police discontinued peaceful march. Deputy Chairman of the Society of Russian Culture Mikhail Shcheglov came to the gathering place from the church with the icon of the Divine Savior. Mr. Shcheglov asked young people to leave the venue, and follow him to a concert at the House of Friendship. Local SWAT without any explanation detained all crowd and gave them penalty fine for 1.1 million rubles (almost $34.000). The Society of Russian Culture of Tatarstan called this government action like a "mass terror" of Russian activists.

November 13, 2012, Alexander Salagaev, who is Chairman of the Society of Russian Culture of Tatarstan, and a professor of sociology, and UN expert, described this situation with Russians: -‘In nowadays, there is almost nobody Russian in republic's leadership, the same picture with heads of districts and mayors of towns, the same situation in the leadership of the major oil, gas and energy industries. Tatarstan Republic media has same thing. Even deans in schools and in colleges, almost nobody are Russian people there. But in the early 90’s was absolutely different situation. For us (originally Russian people) there is only business and science. In fact, Russian language continues dominate in Tatarstan. But foreign and federal experts do not tell you this, they are well fed here, watered here, and they all leave Tatarstan happy’.

I want to warn about the dangers and delights of sending your children here in Kazan. But I do not know English. And I need some HELP with translating chapters of my book! Like my gratitude to you, I'll call you as a translator of chapter. I want to put 26 chapters for $0.99 on And I will provide 197 photos, which I made. Help me, please! I want to warn the athletes and fans. There is not that much time to prepare it. I tried to translate one of the chapters with Google-Translator, but I would like to correct English grammar. I would be very happy to cooperate! It is such a useful thing! My e-mail is [email protected]


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