Hello and welcome to "Heavens Hands" a non profit organization created by Mike G who was once a crimimal who used mainly alcohol to drown and feed my addiction and also make my depression and bipolar type 2 go away and thus it made me into a numb person without a good purpose in life and I did not love or care about myself so how could I love and care about others. I am here and alive today because there is much hope, help in U,S,A for everyone who is addicted to many things not just drugs and alcohol but those stuck in gangs, abusive situations, gambling, depression and other life robbing events, lifestyles...

Did you know that having a faith, love for yourself can make a huge difference in everyones life? Its true and today people in prison, jails in several states are learning how to change their lives and break the chain of addictions, bad habits, family abuse and so many other negative ways to live life in a purpose driven way that is pleasing to most in this nation and God whom created us all and listens to our crys for help every time we cry out or pray to him.

This is much much more than a faith based way to find people, organizations but more so to include all police departments and the entire criminal justice system in America to start asking everyone who is arrest if they want or need help from any addiction or abusive or harmful thing in their life so that can get the help to change any negative thing in their life and that everyones life is a priceless gift and we all matter and that police officer is here to offer valid, honest help if they want it and give the person who is being pulled over or arrested a pamphlet of credible, honest life giving resources in their community and state levels.
These pamplets must include phone #s of local A.A, N,A, Abuse and mental health hotlines, local emergency room phone numbers, local Prison Fellowship ministry branch info, and resources for how to break free from criminal lifestyles and gang life,

I want to see a national law passed that makes this pamplet and a positive, helpful, honest and caring speech be given to each person arrested by either the arresting officer or someone at the local jail or by the emergency room staff also as part of this new law... Education can go a long way, we need more education from police departments to those who work in jails and prisons and schools also to give people hope and maybe help for a new, better and sober lifestyle in this great nation. Over 2 million people and likely higher a number are caught in the criminal justice system which can often mean a cruel and hopeless way to spend part of your life behind bars.. We need a better, more caring system to spread the truth that anyone can change their lives to make a better world for most of us,

Teaching accountability, responsibility for our actions and that our lives matter to those around us and we are here to help one another become better human beings, not take away from a wonderful life but build a much better worthy lifestyle for the community and nation to look up to and not look down at starting today!

There are hundreds of good, honest, Godly caring people who care and want to help others, we need a national focus to make sure anyone in the criminal justice system knows about these resources and that they matter in life and a wonderful new job, family, home may await them if that person wants a better, morally responsible life for others to smile upon.

Resources and organizations like Alcoholic and Narcotics Anonymous, The Union Gospel Network, Freedom Works, R.A.I.N. in Minneapolis, MN. Prison Fellowship Ministry located in several state prisons and jails and reducing reentry rates by more than 85% in most institutions, the National Crime Prevention Council, & mentors who care to share a part of their lives, hope that can help change anyone without hope and decent resources and support for each person to show them there are many people and organizations all across America who care about them. Did you know several of these organizations are teaching gang members how to live a fruitful, purpose driven life and how to safely leave the gang life behind them and never look back.

We are all created to help one another, not take away or hurt each other, many inmates don't know this fact and they need to be taught that others care about them and their life can help someone else in need in the future if they change their outlook and get help for them self.

We also should be speaking out about personal and society responsibility and being a law abiding, helpful person once again.

Those on the front lines are police, correctional and even hospital staff who will have to learn how to ask a person who may need/want help from others to open up and at least read the pamphlet they have been given for help to resources in their community.

I was once in prison and I want to help many many others change their life while they still can as tomorrow is not a promise or gurantee for any of us and our kids, family and nation deserve much better from some of us who may be scared or even intimidated by others and afraid to ask for help or don't know who to call or reach out to for that help. Lets make a new national resource link call Heaven Hands the new tool for all agencies linked together to come for help, guidence and resouces to pass onto each and every person who is arrested in America.

Stop the silence in America about abusive families, addictions, crime and gangs and there is lots of hope and help in America today for a purpose, morally better way to live and care for everyone!


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