Do you know where your donations are going? Sadly, if you've donated using a collection bin in parking lot, the answer is probably "no." Southwest Florida has recently seen a surge in the number of donation collection bins, which seem to spring up overnight in parking lots at shopping centers, convenience stores, and vacant businesses. Often, these donation boxes are painted in the colors of familiar nonprofits: The blue and white of Goodwill, the red and white of the Salvation Army. They LOOK like charity donation bins. And people donate to them, assuming their donations are going to charity. But who do these collection bins really support? In many cases, these bins are operated by for-profit salvage companies, often located out-of-state. The proceeds from these bins DO NOT stay in the local community, and DO NOT provide needed services to people in our community. Learn more about this issue: See a local news story about the recent proliferation of donation bins in Southwest Florida: Read an editorial from Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida's CEO:
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