We are looking for your support. We need to show the Grays Harbor Port Authority that there is a demand both for new jobs and more income in our county; but that our community wants more affordable food.

Let us build the way to the future; by building the first vertical farm in one (or both) of the never used nuclear cooling towers at the Satsop Development Park.

Let's face it; these towers are getting older and older every year; and eventually, one of two things will happen. We'll need to spends millions of dollars, that frankly we don't have, to fix them up; or we'll need to speed millions of dollars to demolish them; destroying a Grays Harbor icon.

We say; there is a third option; a humanitarian option; one that can benefit us all.

By signing this petition, you are not promising any financial support for the project; although we welcome you to do that as well through our crowd funding website. We are only seeking your support on this cause; so that the Port Authority will take our desire seriously; and it will also give us credence to seek grants from foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Check out our video at: http://www.youtube.com/user/SatsopFarmingUp
and our presentation at: http://alturl.com/dnwfo

Thank you!

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