The city of Nablus has been living under the occupation for several years. The local economy and industry of the city is being crippled by the tight closures of Israel. It has also been hit by a lack of foreign investment following the economy boycott by the US and EU. So, the economy there has been severe damaged due to the consequences following the occupation.
Before 2000, 13.4% of Nablus' residents worked in Israel, with the figure dropping to 4.7% in 2004. The city's manufacturing sector made up 15.7% of the economy in 2004, a drop from 21% in 2000. Since 2000, most of the workforce has been employed in agriculture and local trade. In the wake of the Intifada, unemployment rates rose from 14.2% in 1997 to 60% in 2004, according to an OCHA report in 2008.
Today the unemployment rates are still high. Job opportunities are few and far between. Even the people who graduated from universities are facing difficulties finding a job in the field there diploma is. If these people, the educated ones, can’t find a job, how could other people who didn’t even finish their school to find and get to work into one?
Many efforts should be done in order to decrease the unemployment rates in the city. To give enough job opportunities to the people to get their lives arranged. In the hope to bring the economy in Nablus back to life many steps should be taken:
1- To build factories.
2- To improve the economic system.
3- To create a strict monitoring system.
4- To persuade businessmen to invest in the city.
In order to do so, money is the main factor that enables us to do all these things. We should launch a fundraising to have the suitable amount of money to start with our reforms.

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