Dr. John Mubang is literally a drug dealer disguised as an internist in Seffner, Florida. His clinic is usually packed to the nines and people there often just pick up their prescription (often controlled narcotics) without being properly evaluated. He was prosecuted by the State of Florida back in 2010 for drug trafficking, but it was a hung jury. The problem is he just went back into practice, and now rakes in millions. A lot of patients think he is a great doctor of course (if you type his name into Google you will see that). But bear in mind this is because he is basically their drug dealer! The State of Florida needs to do its job and retry this man before many more have to die. At least 7 people have overdosed or committed suicide under his so-called care in the past few years! Please go to http://wh.gov/QdoK to sign the petition on the White House's website. Thank you!

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