This Christmas our best gift received was adopting a family in need. We found them through a friend Cindy Everly Horvath. The father had to move in with his mother and wasn't able to provide Christmas for his 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter. My wife Tammy 'Moore' Wilcox and I went out and bought them gifts and stockings with some stuffers in them. The joy seeing their smiles and the hugs we received were more valuable then anything else imaginable. The sad thing is before leaving we saw their so called bedroom. They sleep on the floor on a few flat mattresses in a 8X8 room with no dressers or anything to store their clothes. My wife and I decided that we are going to start a fundraiser to buy them proper beds.
I went out to Comfort Sleep this morning and spoke with a gentlemen named Andy Eggers. He was very helpful in helping me select the beds, drawers that go underneath the bed and mattress's. He too has taken it upon himself to foster 3 little ones over the holidays and so much more. With bedding included I will have to raise around $1300.00 and I promise you all no matter what we have to do, Tammy and I will accomplish this goal and will deliver to these two little ones a warm bed of their own to sleep in. Unfortunately I cannot set up a fund at Bank of America for individuals to donate, nor will Comfort Sleep be able to take donations via the phone. So that being said, if you want to donate, you can stop in and make a donation towards the lay away under my name, send to a donation to our home at 549 W 4th Street, Mishawaka, In 46544 or if needed send money Western Union in my name. All donations will be made to pay off the beds and any left over monies will go towards a Walmart Gift card for the family to use however they seem fit.
Their father Kevin is out of work and Cindy a grad from Riley is doing the best she can just to provided the necessities. Please let me know if you donate so I can include your name on the card that will given to them when the beds are delivered. God Bless and thanks in advance for your help!


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