Let's keep it simple. Just turn your car lights on every time you drive, even during the day. You'll be much more visible all of the time, and don't have to make a decision of whether it's close to dawn or dusk, or whether it's raining enough.

Many people don't realize how less visible (even almost invisible) they are, especially from behind, with no lights on. The difference is dramatic, and is demonstrated when someone's brake lights come on, letting you see the car in front of you. I think many folks just think that they can see fine, and don't consider that others can't see them nearly as well.

I don't know the statistics for how many accidents are caused by bad visibility due to lack of lights, but it stands to reason that it's better to be seen. Please share any such statistics, if you know them. I do not want to hit you because you aren't as visible.

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