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Please Help Animals in Need

A year ago, my precious pitbull, Kilo, was taken from our home in Henderson, Nevada, by an Animal Control Officer who decided that Pitbulls are "Viscious Animals". Kilo never harmed, threatened, or bothered anyone. I followed ALL of the required demands Animal Control placed on us; Viscious Animal Sign on Gate, Kilo was neutered, micro-chipped, had all of his shots and City of Henderson Animal License.
Then, one, day, after I had been in the hospital for 2 days, Kilo heard me approach our front door when I arrived home. He was excited to see me, and ran out into the front yard. Animal Control just happened to be in the neighborhood, and forced us to surrender him to Animal Control. The Animal Control Officer, Officer Perea, finally won the battle....He euthanized Kilo for escaping through the front door.
I was devestated. I even hired a lawyer, who did nothing to stop this CRUEL and SENSELESS unjustice. Apparently, the City Municipal Code states that if a "Viscious Animal" gets loose, the City can take the animal and euthanize them.
In memory of my precious, Kilo, this kind of killing MUST STOP!

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