In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy the talks, articles, mass emails, petitions, etc. about gun control have gone out all over the internet and media. I hit a point where I felt I needed to something about it.
First I would like to send my deepest condolences to the families that have lost a loved one and are hurting at this time. No one ever wants to lose a child, a sister, a brother, a mother, a father or any family member or friend for that matter. I am sorry for your loss.
This is a cause, a petition to protect our Second Amendment Rights and prevent any bans that the government may try to invoke, which is a violation of our second amendment rights. Some of the restrictions and previous bans ARE A VIOLATION OF YOUR RIGHTS!! PERIOD!! Even if you don't believe in guns and/or hate guns, this is still a violation of your rights and is unconstitutional.
The Sandy Hook tragedy or countless other tragedies would have not been prevented with gun control laws in place. People can get guns illegally very easy. What needs to be done is human control in most cases. This tragedy was an example of that. She was a gun owner but with someone mentally ill in the house. Those weapons should have not been that accessible by someone mentally unstable. They should have been locked away in a safe which only she knew the combination to. Regardless, he had his mind set on doing deadly acts of violence, just like 99% of the other gun crimes that are committed and in most cases the guns are illegal, so bans or laws wouldn't change the outcome of these crimes. The people who in fact follow the laws and don’t commit crimes with their firearms actually prevent tragedies like this one from happening and by putting laws and bans in place you put more people in danger because criminals don’t follow laws!!
Here are a few facts amongst millions out there,
Average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by a police officer is 18.25, an average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by lawfully gun carrying civilian is 2.2. That’s a huge number.
Timothy McVeigh didn’t use a gun, killed 168 innocent people, 19 children under age 6, and injured over 680 innocent people. You can still buy fertilizer, you can still buy race fuel and you can still rent box trucks.
Ever hear of the Pearl River, MS shooting? Probably not! A 16 year old kid was stopped by an assistant principal and his .45 caliber pistol and saved countless lives.
I can go on and on about stories like this but the media and the government don’t want you to hear this because they want to make guns look bad so people that are not educated about guns and/or have a thing against guns they have on their side.
Gun control stats compared to the ten big killers in the United States of America straight from the governments mouth!
1. Tobacco use – 529k
2. Medical errors – 195k
3. Unintentional injuries – 118k
4. Alcohol abuse – 107k
5. Motor vehicle accidents – 35k
6. Unintentional poisoning – 32k
7. Drug abuse 26k
8. Unintentional falls – 25k
9. NON-firearm homicides – 17k
10. Firearm homicides – 11k
This is according to the FBI; the #1 weapon used in violent crimes is a baseball bat!! Why is there no outcry to restrict or ban baseball bat ownership!!
Passing laws to ban guns is not the answer? Criminals don’t pay attention to laws!
We don’t blame cars for drunk drivers why do we blame guns for violent crimes?
Violent crimes are not caused by guns they are cause by a human being, a human being that maybe wasn’t raised right on good morals, or has a chemical imbalance, or is mentally unstable and the list can go on and on. We as people need to have more respect for each other, that’s what it boils down too! Laws and bans won’t fix something like this that’s a fact!
Point being, murderers will murder with or without a gun, guns are not the problem but if you take this right away or limit this right you actually hurt yourself and others. At the end of the day any of us can be faced with a tragedy and people like me and several other citizens that carry weapons could be there to save you. You limit this right and we might be dead together if we are faced with a tragedy together.
Please join my cause to keep our Second Amendment rights intact so that we can protect ourselves and the people around us when acts violence may occur. This is one of our many rights and it should never be messed with. If this right gets screwed with then we are no longer a free country, it’s been screwed with once before, some of those bans have been expired and the ones that haven’t should be lifted!
Thanks and please pass this along!! Let’s get as many people as we can to protect out Second Amendment Rights!!

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