80 Supporters

  • Update #3

80 supporters? Wow, that was fast. Thanks to all of you we'll soon have 100 supporters. Just an extra note, "supporters" is referring to the combination of all pledges and signatures. Keep passing this along, and maybe actions will be taken against our…Read More

Slowly Progessing

  • Update #2

At the time of this update, we had 16 signatures and 9 pledges. This totals over 20 total supports. Thank you for the little that you have done. Please spread the word about Obama and tell your other friends that are against him about our campaign. Yes, our.…Read More

10 Signatures - Please share

  • Update #1

Please keep this going and tell your friends. Share it on your Facebook timeline, Tweet about it, Google +1 it, or simply email it! (...or all of them) Help us to impeach Obama and spread the word! 10 signatures isn't enough ;)