We need your support with shipping over 200 cartons of donated books from Sydney Australia and New Zealand to Suva, Fiji.

We will be assisting 15 Recipient Schools in Fiji with donated books for their small school libraries in remote and isolated areas of Fiji.

Here is the " LIST OF RECIPIENT SCHOOLS IN 2013 ".

Navunisea District School, Silana village, Tailevu Province
Lawaki District School, Lawaki Village Tailevu Province
Namalata District School, Korovou, Tailevu Province
Sorte, Inland Highlands, Tailevu Province
Waidalice District School
Waidlice Primary School, Tailevu


Momi Primary School, Momi (area between Nadi and Sigitoka)
Bainmarama-Vatutoka Primary School
St John's College, Cawaci, Ovalau
Naivisula Primary School, Tailevu
Natovi Primary School, Tailevu,
Natovi High School, Tailevu
Dawasamu High School, Tailevu

Can you please help our worthy cause?

It is extremely important the School Children of Fiji receive donated books to strength their education and learning especially with improving English, Reading and Writing skills.
This is absolutely essential for the Fijian students to assist them with their education and employment opportunities in the future.

Our ultimate goals are to:
> Elevate the quality literacy programs in Fiji's Schools.
> Impart a love of reading for all students whether they are in
kindergarten, primary or high school.
> Create quality small libraries for the neediest schools to
encourage reading at home.
> Provide over 200 cartons of second-hand and new donated books
as a gift from New Zealand and Australia in March 2013,

Our small dedicated team consists of two mothers, one from New Zealand (NZ) and the other from Australia (AUS).

Corrine and I decided to join forces to make a positive impact with providing 15 Schools in Fiji with the gift of donated books from Australia and New Zealand.

We have both seen with our own eyes how urgent the need for quality donated books throughout the Fiji Islands especially with the School that are located in remote and isolated area.

Our commitment is to provide 15 or more Recipient Schools with books especially the School who have not received any new books for over 20 years, this is not an exaggeration but the truth of the urgent situation in Fiji Schools.

In March 2013, we will be assisted by Annie Madden, Director, Community Support Network (CSN) Fiji, it is registered charity and a non-government organisation (NGO) .

You can view the 22 Recommendations received via my LinkedIn Profile that will show our successful project helping the School Children of Viwa Island who received 400 kilos (29 cartons) of gifts and donations in August this year (2012).
Click on the link below:

If you would like more information and photos of our journey to Viwa Island, Fiji in August 2012, please click on the link below:

Facebook Community Page:
Project - Donate A Book to the School Children of Viwa Island, Fiji

If you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Corrine Angus or myself.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Please support our worthy cause and let make a dream come true for each Recipient School in Fiji during March 2013.

Yours sincerely

Contact Person in Australia:
Michele Darmanin (Shelly)
Mobile: 61+405 326 080
Email: [email protected]

Facebook Community Pages:
Donate A Book to the Remote and Isolated Schools in Fiji - March 2013

Donate A Book to the School Children of Viwa Island, Fiji - Completed in August 2012

Shelly's Facebook:

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Contact Person in New Zealand:
Mrs Corrine Angus
Mobile: 0212513840
Email: [email protected]

Facebook Community Page:
Donate Books for Fiji Schools

Corrine's Facebook:

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Contact Person in Fiji
Community Support Network, Fiji - (NGO - Suva - Fiji)
Contact: Annie Madden, Director
Email: [email protected]

Facebook Community Page:
Community Support Network, Fiji

Annie's Facebook:

Annie's LinkedIn:

The number of recipient schools will increase considerably depending upon those who wish to donate towards our worthy cause. Our ultimate goal is essentially to strengthen the learning and knowledge through the wealth of books donated to the school children of Fiji. Let's make this dream become a reality for the Recipient Schools who are in urgent need of quality books in 2013.
Thank you..

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