Its not by a coincidence that you are reading this cause, It is an opportunity given to you by nature to change your life and bring prosperity in many forms but its up to you to avail this opportunity or throw it in dustbin.

Melghat Mission Nagpur is registered society. It works for the development of malnourished children and women of Melghat. It also works for the betterment of poor farmers in Vidarbha.

We appeal to you to donate for this genuine and Charitable cause.
We need only Rs. 100/- from you.

For many of us Rs. 100/- is nothing. We spend Rs. 100/- on many trivial things, "PLEASE DONATE" . Donation is Best Service, for it wards of various evils.

If we give something to someone, in return you also get something as this is law of nature. Keeping in mind this view, The organisation is having a scheme for your at most benefit.

visit us at melghatmission .com

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