Every 21 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease. These children are bright, happy and their lives are full of promise... all that is missing is the access to resources that we take for granted every day.

The holiday season is a time for joy, gratefulness and generosity. This season we are putting those words into action.

We are raising money for the pipework required to bring water from our initial borehole site in Kisumu, Kenya (think a very large well!) to a new community that does not have access to clean water. This community has an HIV infection rate of 23%, so a large number of the people in this community are orphans of this pandemic and particularly susceptible to water-borne diseases.

This holiday season, we aim to turn the wine from our family's dinner table into water for this community. By donating a bottle of wine, you can turn your holiday libations into opportunity for so many people.

An amazing anonymous donor offered a matching grant of up to $1,000, so if we gather up enough wine, we'll be able to double our impact! Think of it as a buy-one-get-one free wine sale!

The amazing and talented Amanda LaPlaca (http://www.amandalaplaca.com/) has generously donated her skills in creating the awesome posters in the picture for this project. Thanks to her generosity, if you donate $50 or more to this project, you will get one of the prints as a thank you!!

Please donate this holiday season to bring safe, clean water to this community. Any amount helps and THANK YOU for your support!

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