Thousand of children in the United States and around the world are locked in facilities without any voice to proclaim their innocence or argue their human rights violations, such as cruel treatments, restrition and denials of communications with families or attorneys. The children are a result of systems that have only their agenda which makes monies for staff and corporations, with no rewards for release of these helpless citizens. In the midwest I have seen over 30 facilities where innocent children are leading a life of hopelessness, without their parents, pets, and encouragement from family and freinds. without public support and attorneys willing to put time into their cases, we are manufacturing failure of your youth, and paying for these services through tax dollars and future prison terms and the young become hardened and loose the mental conditions to serve and improve society. children donot do well locked up for extended periods of time, and the innocent are turned into guilty as their is always monies for prosocution, and none for innocence.


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