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Stop National Beef Co. from buying cattle pumped full of drugs

Livestock are fed dangerous antibiotics & drugs to fatten them. This campaign is about consumer and animal safety

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Nick Magel
Nick Magel Campaign leader

Time for National Beef Co. to follow Tyson Food's lead! Tyson just announced they will no longer purchase meats given the drug Zilmax,…Read More

Tyson Foods to suspend buying cattle fed Zilmax additive

Yahoo! News
By Theopolis Waters CHICAGO (Reuters) - Tyson Foods Inc, the largest U.S. meat processor, said it would suspend purchases of cattle fed the growth enhancer Zilmax, saying it was worried about cases of cattle with difficulty walking although it did not know the specific cause of problem. Rumors of Tyson's action sparked a sharp rally in…Read More
Nick Magel
Nick Magel Campaign leader

Here's a little history on this drug: Recycling the drug: Zilmax was once called Zilpaterol and was used to treat asthma in humans. The…Read More

Tyson, Cargill Among Others Now Drugging Your Meat With Merck's New Zilmax | TheSleuthJournal

Merck scientists have introduced a new drug to the meat industry – Zilmax. This drug bulks up cattle in the last few weeks of their lives, bringing in more revenue for feedlot owners. Four major meat companies now use Zilmax, including Tyson Foods, JBS SA, Cargill, and National Beef Packing Co. Reportedly, Cargill resisted Zilmax for years, but…Read More