Permaculture, spirit, and community organizing - three very potent tools to reshape and regenerate our world.  I'm Starhawk, author and activist, and I started Earth Activist Training because I wanted a program that could combine them all.  We offer permaculture design certificate courses, support for inner city gardens and green jobs programs, training and consulting.  But we need your help to make these programs available to the leaders who can bring these tools into low-income communities and communities of color, the activists who are on the front lines, the young people who will be the next generation of change-makers.  Our students do amazing things!  Would you like to teach at-risk inner-city girls to grow both healthy food and self-esteem?  Or build rain gardens in the desert on a tribal reserve?  Or transform city streets into plazas and open-air galleries?  Your donation makes you part of all of these, and so much more!   

 One-third to one-half of our students are on work trade or scholarships.  Our Diversity Scholarships for people of color working in environmental and food justice programs are helping to broaden the scope of the permaculture movement.  Our Emerald City Program in Bayview Hunters Point in collaboration with Hunters Point Family supports three inner-city gardens, programs for youth and a job-training program for at-risk young people.   

 Our immediate goal is to support our upcoming Earth Activist Training at Prospect Rock Permaculture center in Vermont, and our upcoming special course in Marda in the West Bank of Palestine.

And come take a course yourself!

Earth Activist Training is a project of Alliance of Community Trainers, our fiscal sponsor.  Our website is

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