Enrique Gasch Peña wants to

Stop Italian Police from freely deport European Citizens

Peacefull activist helping in Italy face a serious problem, as they are kicked from Italy, for more that 3 years

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Intelectuals and Teachers Claim.

International support to the Notav movement from Intelectuals and Teachers

Enrique Gasch
NO TAV movement again under attack For twenty years in mountains of North West Italy, not far from Torino, a powerful movement has grown that has resisted the Italian government’s plan to build a high velocity railroad, which in addition to being very costly and economically useless would certainly destroy the mountain environment. Over and…Read More

The Italian Police and The Italian Mass Media, will keep saying that the people opposed to the Tav, are Anarquist and Marxists, but the…Read More

Cattolici per la Vita della Valle

Sappiamo che da sabato molti di noi stanno continuando a pregare per i ragazzi di Novalesa,  Abbiamo pensato che sarebbe stato importante non solo come "Cattolici x la Vita della Valle", ma proprio come credenti stare vicini alle famiglie e ai ragazzi di Novalesa, così abbiamo pensato di convogliare le preghiere. Vorremmo riunirle in un…Read More
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