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23,000 elephants killed each year for ivory Mark Henderson, Science Editor Up to 5 per cent of Africa’s elephants are being slaughtered…Read More

Elephant Life - Life And Death Thru A Animals Eyes

                      Amazing Facts About Elephants                       With Image Gallery at bottom Elephant Fact and Festivals Elephant in Latin means Huge Arch ... Ele means arch and phant means huge.Elephants are the largest living land animal in the  world. The huge mammals are endangered species due to poaching for ivory trade and   …Read More

16388 elephants (including 754 breeding cows and 266 breeding bulls) , and each of the 2600 location facilities in 121 countries. Theres…Read More

Dan Koehl
0 16388 elephants (including 754 breeding cows and 266 breeding bulls) , and each of the 2600 location facilities in 121 countries. Theres also sections which incorporates the database, like different types of death: euthanised, poisoned, falling into moats, mankillers, various diseases like tuberculosis or herpesvirus virus, as…Read More

"At present, there are seven elephants here, and we call this elephant conservation and care centre or elephant haven. Whichever elephant…Read More

Agra provides unique haven for elephants to roam unfettered - The Economic Times

The Economic Times
AGRA: A first of its kind unique elephant conservation centre in Agra rescues elephants from various party of the country and provides a safe haven where the animal can roam about unfettered. The 10- acre centre has been opened by the Wildlife Association and Save Our Souls (SOS) and is located near Mathura. Senior veterinary officer of…Read More


Case against parading of ailing elephant - The Economic Times

The Economic Times
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The state forest department has finally woken up to the torture and illegal parading of elephants at the fag end of the festival season and registered a criminal case against Shankaramagalam devaswom authorities for parading an ailing elephant without permission from the forest department. The elephant, Thiruvambadi…Read More

With the elephant corridor now free of people, the team continue to work there to see that people do not move back in or exploit it in any…Read More

Securing A Vital Elephant Corridor in Kerala | Elephant Family

The Kerala corridor is a 2,200-acre (6 x 1.5km) strip of land within the largest stronghold of Asian elephants in the world. But until recently 54 families were living and farming in the corridor, and elephants were not able to cross freely. If the settlements and fields had spread, a disastrous break could have formed in the forests, isolating…Read More
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