In lieu  of presents for Sharon's birthday party  on Saturday, 9 March 2013, she graciously requests that  donations be made by pressing the green "DONATE" button to the upper right of this message. The donations will go to the Sanur Memorial Fund at SPAY PANAMA.

Sanur, who was adopted by the Boks from an animal shelter in California, died on 5 January 2013.  In Sharon's words, "Sanur was our 'greeter kitty' with the lovely white fur necklace –always waiting for us with purrs and a long stretch when we came home--and the one who was always interested in everything and who would come and play and then, in an instant, leap into the air and turn and race away only to return in a flash…like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. We have always believed that we did not rescue Sanur; Sanur helped rescue us."

Sanur's love will be passed on to other rescued animals through your donations to his Memorial Fund. Already, the Boks' generous donation of funds in memory of Sanur has purchased a much needed ultrasound for Spay Panama.

We thank you in advance for celebrating Sharon's birthday by donating to her beloved Sanur's Memorial Fund.

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