Update on April 22, 2012

  • Update #205

“How do you explain to young children forced to live with abusers why the courts have considered them liars and ignored their cries for help?” Silberg Joyanna Silberg, PhD, a Clinical Psychologist and Executive Vice President of the Counci, has also seen…Read More

Update on April 22, 2012

  • Update #203

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. (2006). Navigating Custody & Visitation Evaluations in Cases with Domestic Violence: A Judge’s Guide (2nd edition). Reno, NV: NCJFCJ. EXCERPT from page 24: "The theory positing the existence of "PAS"…Read More

Update on April 22, 2012

  • Update #202

Index: Therapeutic JurisprudenceThis section of the website contains current public material from on-going research being conducted around the United States and in Canada by various scholars and organizations who are sharing findings, as well as links to…Read More

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