The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing.
The Sandy Hook Kid's Center is to be built and I propose it to be an educational vehicle to educate Newtown, CT and the world about the recent tragedy of Sandy Hook.  We will address the trauma it has no doubt caused and ensure that these children and the heroic adults will be remembered AND honored. Through essential knowledge and proper care, we can move on from this horrible tragedy and depending on the level of care it will then determine its lasting effects. Our hearts will remain broken and they will scar over, but we must band together if we are to champion good over evil. In addition to the center, I propose scholarships in the names of the 20 children lost so that they may live on, and we must support the first responders who's lives were fractured so they too can properly heal.  Our landscape had been fractured and it must be reconfigured.  

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